Certain vivid images imprint on memory, and memories nourish our imagination. And then there are places, texts, bodies, forms and materials that make us want to light them. Every lighting project is an adventure, a search into which we pour something of ourselves

Our lighting designs for live entertainment meet our clients' artistic desires. Our lighting for events is tailored to the private or institutional organisers' communication plans as well as their artistic requirements.

In addition to the lighting itself, Lumière Vivante offers technical and general management services.
This way the organisers of festivals, events and cultural projects are relieved of the work of managing the site and technical staff, controlling technical costs and planning and managing sub-contractors' operations.

The members of Lumière Vivante also employ their technical and aesthetic skills and imagination in making creative lamps and lights. These are made in limited editions or as unique pieces, taking a designer approach or working as contemporary plastic artists

Using our experience in all these fields, we also provide teaching services for training centres specialising in the entertainment trades.